Does MBA help after engineering?

In recent years, it has become a trend to pursue an MBA as a choice of post-graduation for engineers. There could be several reasons for this ranging from wanting to shift to management positions to realizing the value of a management degree. The first step in planning to pursue a management degree after engineering is to have a clear future career goal. This would help you choose the right path in post-graduation to achieve your goals.

  1. Reasons to do MBA after engineering:

    An obvious post-graduation option for an engineering student would be a Master's in engineering. If you are interested in managing a team of people or an organization rather than doing a hardcore technical work, a management course would be the best way. An engineering program usually lacks this aspect of exposure to management and business-related issues. There are also options of technically oriented management degrees which gives specific attention to the core you choose. This is also suitable for an engineer who would want to level up their career by getting into managing posts. Also, many managerial posts require knowledge in finance, marketing, statistics or strategies. It all depends on the specialization you select.

  2. Get a big picture of the job:

    Speed up the pace of your engineering career with the help of the MBA knowledge which would help you know the business perspective of your job. Understand the hierarchies and work towards the growth in your career rather than keeping it stagnant. Get out of dealing just with the theoretical components and become involved in the real business.
    Also, the new-age companies want engineers who are equally good at teamwork and managerial skills. This would be best satisfied by getting into a management program.

  3. Develop your interpersonal skills:

    An expert-level technical knowledge would make you the best engineer out there, but that is not enough to achieve a wholesome success in the career. An MBA program offers a lot of opportunities that give a better shape to your personality by helping you develop communication skills, adaptability, leadership skills and many more. This will help you move smoothly on the path of achieving your ultimate goals.

  4. Becoming an entrepreneur:

    For someone who had specialized in engineering and developed their own product, the next big step would be to commercialize or market the product for common use. This may be best done if you are your own boss. An engineer with management skills knows the right way to implement hardcore technical knowledge with management skills. They would develop a good team that would run the enterprise efficiently while taking care of the technical part personally.

Lexicon MILE offers PGDM programs with any one of the specializations in marketing, finance or Human resources management and also an option for dual specialization. This would add to your engineering skills and help you get the best out of it. We also provide career advice which would help you choose the right way, be it entrepreneurship or managerial positions in a company.

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