Everything you need to know about a master's degree with a specialization in marketing

One of the oldest and the most desired specialization in a management course is marketing. With the recent trend of rapid digitalization, almost every company gives high priority to the marketing team which attracts customers towards the company and manages the competition. Marketing is always associated with a rewarding income and a career that has plenty of space for growth.

  1. What will you learn from the program? Marketing is an act of advertising or promoting a product or a service to a wider audience.
    An MBA program in marketing would cover the following aspects -
    • Market trend analysis
    • Campaigns for marketing
    • Customer demand and behavior
    • Planning with strategy
    • Profit
    • Demand and supply analysis
    A marketing career would require many other equally important skills to get the best out of it.
  2. Presentation skills: Be it a common man or a professional-client, marketing personnel should be able to present himself in an appealing way for a successful deal-making. It is all about marketing yourself to the client. A management degree would help you master the communication and presentation skills.
  3. Building a network: You would learn to communicate with people and build a professional network around you like peers, friends, and so on.
  4. Stress handling: A business management course itself has its pressure of handling things and learning within a given deadline. This prepares you indirectly to handle the workload in the given time limit. Also, meeting new people and improving your sales or promotion would be more than stressful as one could never predict outcomes. Being patient is what makes you stand out in convincing a client.
  5. Leadership: For a long term success and going up in the hierarchy, leadership skill is the one that gives you a strong base. Become the captain of the ship and lead the team effectively.
  6. Scope of marketing management program: After an MBA or PGDM in marketing, there is a lot of scope for a career in many sectors. You could get placed as a sales executive or a manager.

    A management degree eventually opens the door for becoming an entrepreneur where you can excel with the marketing skills to gather the customers and the audience for your business.

    Every company invests a lot in the department of marketing professionals. With the marketing skills, a candidate could do much more than getting down to the ground and working with the customers. They plan brand campaigns, marketing ideas, advertisements and do ground research on the target market.

    The scope of the marketing specialization is vast depending on the interest and the capabilities of the candidate. The recent trend of digitalization calls for the need for digital marketing in every field. An MBA in marketing would give you a solid base for excelling in the field of digital marketing with additional knowledge on the digital world.

Pursuing PGDM with specialization in marketing at Lexicon MILE will help you gain expertise in the field of marketing with improved strategic planning skills, customer behavior analysis and much more. The program gives an in-depth knowledge of brand management, digital marketing, integrated marketing, and so on.

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