How to write a good resume post an MBA

It's not just your hard-earned degree that is going to fetch you a job of your desire but also your effort on projecting a good image of yourself to the employer. All you need to do is contextualize your skills and talents in a way that appeals to the employer. Understand the requirement of the role you are applying for and build your resume with the talents you have in accordance with that role.

  1. Showcase your leadership skills:

    Depending on the type of role you are applying for, your resume should show off your management skills and your prior experiences. Let the employer know your skills in leading, motivating and working with a team. Firms are in search of people with effective management skills which would help them in managing and delegating work to a team. Give your management and leadership skills a dedicated section in the resume. Discuss the end result of the projects that you lead.

  2. Be precise:

    A human resource officer who is handling recruitment in a company would be bombarded with tons of resume. They would need to go through everything to shortlist from them. You cannot expect them to go deep into your resume and read out every sentence in it. So little goes a long way in your resume. Demonstrate your skills with short catchy words. Be extraordinary to make your resume compelling to read. Write a resume such that it is professional and easy to read.

  3. Seek help with proofreading:

    The resume is the most important paper that is going to get you close to your future goals. Hence, you need to be careful while preparing it. A very minor typo can catch the reader's attention and give you a bad impression. The formatting can impact the reader in a way you wouldn't have thought of. Be on guard. Seek help from your reliable friends or family while proofreading and with helping you correct any possible errors.

  4. Give clarity on your work experience:

    In case you have prior work experience, then it is going to catch their attention. Make sure you give clarity on the work you've done. Never just tell what you were doing, tell them the results of what you did. Quantify your achievements.
    The employer is always seeking someone who could do something for their firm. Your achievements can give them a good impression. Make sure you don't drag the details but be precise.

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