Is MBA useful without any work experience?

In contrast to having worked for a few years and then entering into a management course, being a fresher has its own advantage. The undergraduate environment, which would have been so much learning- based, will keep your determination to learn new things lively. You would be open-minded to all the contents of the program rather than taking just what you want.
As a newbie in the field, you would be able to think out of the box and arrive at new solutions that may not have occurred for the professionals. All it takes is the determination and commitment to learning new things.

  1. Break-free education:

    Getting into an MBA program straight from graduation can give you the privilege of completing the studies in one stretch. Though a career in business management may require continuous learning and updating the skills, a dedicated classroom experience without a gap may prove helpful one way or the other in the future upskilling.
    Also, it makes you prepared to go into the real world well-prepared with a heavier resume and a confident approach.

  2. Early career opportunities in the business world:

    Even though the number of years of experience may be beneficial, an MBA program is sure to help you get the exposure needed to understand the business world. This may act as a boost for a quick start in your career. You view every scenario with a business perspective and thus your career growth becomes fast-paced. The entry-level and middle-level management jobs are just in reach for those who pursue an MBA.

There is a wider chance for the students to gain a valuable network before setting foot in the real business. This network will help you get a quality start in your career.

Also, a survey finds that almost 60% of the students joining a management course are from a business background be it small or big. The program facilitates these students with ample opportunities to dive deep into the business aspects and help them grow their existing business with the knowledge gained.

All this being said, it is still true that an experienced would have an upper hand in getting into colleges and placement. But, sheer determination and well-defined goals for the future would take you to heights, even if you lag in the work experience part.

We, at Lexicon MILE, help you become a business-ready professional in your area of interest from day one of stepping into your career. We provide you with the much-needed experience through workshops and one on one meetings we organize with well-established business people. Learn and gain experience from the experienced with the help of the diverse culture on our campus.

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