Top 7 management jobs in the future

Management is an ever-changing ball game. In the previous generation, mere people management skills could ensure a successful management career progression. This is not the case in today's competitive environment. Management skills both soft and technical are required for a successful career. Not only have the skills required changed but also the job profiles. We at Lexicon have compiled a list of the top 10 management jobs in the future to ensure you can upskill yourself accordingly.

  1. Statistician - It is predicted that the number of jobs for statisticians will increase by 33% by 2026. This number is much larger than the predicted increase in statisticians for all other occupations. There are a plethora of opportunities for people with statistical abilities including data science, applied mathematicians, financial analysts, sociologists and many more.
  2. Mathematician - Mathematicians have a huge demand with the world becoming more and more data-driven. Everything from analytics to education will see a rise in the number of jobs for mathematicians. So, a specialization and aptitude in mathematics can ensure career success.
  3. Accountant - With the rise in the number of businesses and a changing business landscape, new rules are being implemented every day, a good accountant with deep knowledge in the field can enjoy a lot of success in the job world. There are many certifications that one could pursue along with a management degree to enhance your resume to fit the requirements of the accounting world.
  4. Financial Manager - The ever-green field of financial management includes the use of analytical abilities and instincts. This field has been growing at steady rates for a long time and its demand will only go up with the changes that the world is seeing.
  5. Medical and Health Services Manager - The healthcare industry has a huge business component from people management, to patient management and management of finances. If one understands the details of hospital management, a successful career is a sure given.
  6. Business Operations Manager - Operations management is a vital part of any business. This is the reason that this is a job that will ensure career success. It involves the combination of arts and sciences that makes it both challenging and interesting.
  7. Social and Community Services Manager - With the increase in the need for social causes, community services and globalization of the world, social service management is a growing field with new opportunities evolving every single day. Leverage this change for a job that satisfies both your pocket and your soul.

The courses in Lexicon ensure that students are trained both in hard and soft skills required in today's job market. We also ensure that adequate training is given to students even from the changing career perspective. Students are even provided with top-notch internship opportunities in fields that they choose and enjoy working in. All of this is done to ensure that students enjoy successful career progressions.

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