What is the future of human resource management

Shailendra Dubey

Digitalization has taken changed the way each job is. Roled are changing and human power requirement is constantly decreasing. This affects the area of human resource management in a different way. A common assumption is that the roles of a HR will see a drastic change in companies that are making more use of new technologies. But on the other hand some people believe that the responsibilities have increased for human resource management professionals.
This being the changing phase from traditional methods to digital ones, the existing methodologies and models are becoming obsolete. This calls for the HR to work hard on shifting the system towards more agile model than the existing rigid ones.

  1. Talent recruitment:

    Technologies like Artificial Intelligence has already entered into the human resource management area of talent recruitment. It is still not considered in any way equal to the human capability at scrutinizing the applicant's talent in certain situations.
    But AI comes in handy in the mundane process of shortlisting the applications, resumes, etc… This not only helps for the time being but also stores it for future performance analysis.

  2. Information desk:

    Another major area that a human resource management team manages is the information desk. It provides the information needed for any employee regarding the policies, payment, holidays, etc… This is an extremely repetitive task that consumes a lot of time. This part will be totally replaced by chatbots allowing HR professionals to focus on more important tasks.

  3. Performance ratings::

    The existing traditional review system is time-consuming. It necessitates the need for quarterly or yearly meetings and maintaining manual trackers on the achievements and the performance. The performance is becoming more digitized and the achievements are tracked then and there. The feedback is given instantly and the ratings have become system generated. This allows HR to have more productive conversations with the employee.

  4. Training and upskilling:

    The HR job would become more focused on updating the employees to suit the current requirement. They would need to devise a systematic approach to upskill and retain the maximum of the existing workforce.
    It involves the handling of virtual reality which may prove to be the best resource in training people in areas that are risky or uncomfortable in real life. This improves the effectiveness of HR works.

  5. Managing freelance workers:

    The recent years have seen the increase in freelance workers who work from home. This involves some hardwork. Managing people located remotelt requires a great deal of energy. The employee well being and the mode of communication will need to be regulated. HR would need to come with appropriate plans for more such workers in the coming years.
    This eventually reduces the need for high tech workspace for more people.

The coming years will ask more of Human resource professionals not only from the business perspective but also in becoming technically strong. Get up-to-date knowledge in both the technical front and in interpersonal skills with the help of Lexicon MILE. We strive to provide you a real-world environment that focuses on helping you to not just survive but outshine in the upcoming tech-savvy world.

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