Inter College Events

Lexicon MILE students have always led the path to success by keeping their participation in the events of other PG colleges active and throbbing. Participation in programs outside Lexicon MILE, in other colleges, not only acts as a catalyst to spark things up in the student’s monotonous college schedule, but also equips the students with a load of skills and competencies supported by certificates, prizes and trophies, which go a long way in shaping their career prospects in the future.

Intra College Events

College life is one of the most exciting and important phases in anyone’s life. In the monotonous life cycle of a student, which routinely includes eating, sleeping, lectures, projects, assignments and late night home works, ‘College Fests’ bring in that much needed change to a routine student life, where excitement levels in the students, reach its peak. During this period, a student comes across several experiences and learns new things. Life at Lexicon MILE is not just fun, it adds value to a student’s learning experience. Business plans and quizzes, sports, skill based workshops and sessions; you name it and Lexicon MILE students live them excitedly through the two years of their PDM program.

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