HR Leadership Award 2024

In today's Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, the turbulent business environment has undoubtedly affected organizations. Maintaining employee engagement, succession planning, talent management, managing redundancies, growth, and expansion pose current challenges for HR leaders. People managing the leadership development function are beginning to realize that their firms will now need a completely different kind of HR leader and a transformed approach to people with the capacity to produce a high volume of leaders with adaptive skill sets in a short time.

We wish to honour the best-in-class HR teams and individuals for their spectacular work executed across the HR function. It aims to bring together talented HR professionals as one force to champion the way forward.

We would like you to recommend an exceptional HR professional whom you believe played a critical role in your organization. Self-nominees can also showcase exceptional talent, innovation, creativity, and social connections to be eligible for the award.

Time: 1500 Hrs

Venue: Lexicon Auditorium,
Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence, Wagholi, Pune


Award Categories

Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year Awarding an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and results in talent acquisition.

Recruitment Innovator Leadership Award Recognizing an individual who has introduced and successfully implemented innovative strategies, tools, and processes in recruitment.

Candidate Experience Leadership Champion Acknowledging a professional who has consistently prioritized and improved the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.

Innovative Learning Solutions Leader Award Celebrates L&D professional who have introduced creative and innovative solutions to address organizational learning needs, such as e-learning platforms, gamification, and mobile learning.

HR Transformation Leadership Award Highlights individual who have been instrumental in transforming HR and bringing in automation initiatives to enhance the overall functioning of HR.

Global Talent Acquisition Leader Award Awarding a professional who has excelled in managing and sourcing talent on a global scale, navigating cultural nuances and diverse talent pools.

Human Resources Strategic Change Leader Awarding a professional who has effectively brought about change and represented and enhanced the organization's impact in the talent marketplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Champion Leader Award Highlights individual who have demonstrated commitment and success in fostering diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Talent Acquisition AI Adoption Leadership Award Celebrates HR professional who have successfully implemented and leveraged AI solutions to enhance TA processes and efficiency.

Talent Acquisition Mentor of the Year Awarding an individual who has made significant contributions to the development and mentorship of talent acquisition professionals.

Recruitment Strategy Champion Leadership Award Recognizing a professional who has excelled in adapting and leading successful recruitment strategies and practices.

HR Visionary Leadership Award Acknowledging an individual who has inspired leadership and motivates HR teams to embrace change and adapt to new realities.

Campus Recruitment Leadership Award Awarding a professional who has excelled in developing and implementing successful campus recruitment programs to attract top emerging talent.

Strategic Collaboration and Initiatives Leadership Award Highlights HR professional who has demonstrated a commitment to align HR teams with broader organizational goals and objectives. Fostering strong partnerships and bringing in initiatives to create a positive workplace.

Talent Acquisition Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in talent acquisition, recognizing their long-term impact and contributions to the field.

Global Executive Search Firm of the Year Recognizing a firm that has demonstrated excellence in conducting executive searches on a global scale, considering cultural nuances and diverse talent pools.

Learning Culture Ambassador Leadership Award Acknowledges professional who have played a key role in fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

Sustainability in HR Leadership Award Acknowledging an individual who has demonstrated foresight, creativity, and innovation in shaping a sustainable workplace culture, nurtures responsible corporate citizens, and contributes to the creation of positive ecosystems.

Strategic HR Leader of the Year Award Recognizing an HR leader who has played a key role in aligning HR strategies with overall business goals and objectives.

Talent Sourcing Champion Leadership Award Awarding an individual who has made innovative changes in sourcing strategies and reached out to talent pools beyond traditional databases.

An elite panel of Professionals, HR Practitioners and Social Reformers will
be involved in the selection of the awardees.

Wishing you the very best!

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