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Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Gender Highest Qualification with Specialization Total Experience
(No. of Years)
Type of
Appointment / Association
1 Mr. Neeraj Sharma M - 24 Regular
2 Ms. Monisha Sharma F - 26 Regular
3 Mr. Nasir Shaikh M - 21 Regular
4 Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma M Ph.D (Marketing), MBA 30 Regular
5 Vikram Singh M PGDM (Marketing), B.Sc. 12 Regular
6 Dr. Swati Yeole F Ph.D (Human Resource), MPM, BA English 19 Regular
7 Parmeshwar Kawale M UGC NET (Management), MBA 13 Regular
8 Vijay Bohra M MBA (Marketing anf Finance) 9 Regular
9 Gopal Dutta M MBA (Marketing) 10 Regular
10 Dr. Vineeta Agarwal F Ph.D (Finance), MBA, M.Com., UGC NET with JRF 12 Regular
11 Saumya Mishra F MBA (Marketing) 4 Regular
12 Nikhil Sharma M M.Tech 20 Regular
13 Ms. Tanushree Chaudhary F MBA (Human Resource) 8.5 Regular
14 Prof. Sandra Cruz F Ph.D (Pursuing), MMS, M.Com, BMS (Marketing) 3.5 Regular
15 Mitali Varhade F MBA (Human Resource) 8 Regular
16 Siddheshwar Katkar M MBA (Information Technology) 9 Regular
17 Ms. Farheen Belgaumwala F Ph.D (Pursuing), MMS, BSc ,B.Ed (Human Resource) 8 Regular
18 Sangram Raje M MBA (Marketing) 12 Regular
19 Manisha Bohra F MBA, M.Pharma (Marketing) 5 Regular
20 Alka Sarin F MBA (Human Resource) 14 Regular
21 Nasiba Rukshana F MBA (Marketing) 17 Regular
22 Mukata Agrawal F MBA (Marketing) 6 Regular
23 Pooja Singh F M.Sc 3 Regular
24 Prof. Raju Vazhapilly M Ph.D (Pursuing), UGC NET (Management), MBA 23 Regular
25 Prof. Shagufta Ashraf F MBA (Marketing) 8 Regular
26 Prof. Tarana Agrawal F UGC NET (Management), PGDRM (Rural Management) 5 Regular
27 Pinki Dutta F PGDM (Human Resource) 11 Regular
28 Dr. Lambodar Saha M Ph.D (Management), MBA (Human Resource), BE Mech, B.Sc 35 Regular
29 Atul Soman M M.Tech 34 Adjunct
30 Mr. Avinash Anand M PGPEL (Leadership), APEL, B.Com 13 Visiting
31 Prof. Prashant Ubarhande M MBA (Finance), B.Sc 14 Visiting
32 Prof. Madhup Gandhi M MBA (Operations), B.Tech 20 Visiting
33 Prof. Vivek Divekar M B.Com (Finance) 31 Visiting
34 Prof.Ajit Thatte M PGDM (Marketing), B.Tech 40 Visiting
35 Prof.Avinash Kulkarni M M.P.M,PGDBM (Human Resource) 27 Visiting
36 Prof. Rati Shukla F MBL (Law),MBA, B.Com 12 Visiting
37 Prof. Abhishek Sood M PGPEL, LLB, B.Com (Human Resource) 8 Visiting
38 Prof. Priyanka Srivastava F Ph. D(Human Resource), MBA, M.Com, B.Com 16 Visiting
39 Prof.Vijay Haldavnekar M DBM (Finance), LLB,DFM 38 Visiting
40 Dr.Pranav S Dev M Ph.D (Knowledge Management), M.Tech, MMS (Marketing Management) 32 Visiting
41 Prof. Vivek Marathe M Ph.D (Finance), PGDM, MMS, BTech 25 Visiting
42 Varun Sachdeva M MBA (Marketing), B.Com 8 Visiting
43 Mr. Kunal Kumar M PGP (Data Science), MBA (Finance), B.A 17 Visiting
44 Mr. Dilip Thosar M PGDM (Marketing), B.Tech 35 Visiting
45 Mr. Pratyush Shastri M B.Tech (Finance Analytics) 9 Visiting


Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Title Of Research Publication Year Publication Details
1 Mr. Parmeshwar Kawale Importance of Digitization in Banking Sector in India 2022 Kala Sarovar Vol-25-No.-2-2022
2 Dr. Swati Yeole A Case-Article On A Crying Neonate In The Organization: A Case On Insecurity & Psychological Imbalance 2022 Modern Thamizh Research (A Quarterly International Multilateral Thamizh Journal) 12th & 13th October, 2021 - Special Issue (ISSN : 2321-984x)
3 Ms. Tarana Agrawal Case Study on Kota Talent Academy: Fighting The Waves Of Uncertainty During Covid 19 2022 Paper presented in 2nd International Conference on Management Research, KIIT School of Management, KIIT UNIVERSITY, Under Publication
4 Ms. Tarana Agrawal Emerging Trends In Celebrity Brand Endorsement During Covid 19 In India- Shift From Offline To Online Means 2022 Under Review by Modern Thamizh Research
5 Ms. Tarana Agrawal From Zero to Hero, Sri Siddhivinayak Agro Food Ltd.: A case study on a woman entreprenuer 2022 "Participated in ""CELEBRATE WOMANHOOD WITH AVYANNA"" at MIT-WPU School of Management, Pune, Under Publication"
6 Dr. Swati Yeole Sadhu Ka Sapna Indian Market Apna 2021 2nd Prize in Case Study Competition orgnaizsed by Drushti Case Study Research Centre and INSSAN(Western India Chapter)
7 Dr. Vineeta Agrawal “Punjab & Maharashtra Co-Operative Bank (PMC): Depositor’s Nightmare 2021 “Socio- Economics Of Covid-19 In India” by Weser Books ISBN No. 978-3-96492-254-0
8 Dr. Raju Varghese Evolution Of Business Communities And Its Impact On Business Decisions. Studies In Indian Place 2021 Studies In Indian Place Names. (Ugc Care Journal), ISSN:2394-3114, Vol-40-Issue-27-February-2020
9 Dr. Vineeta Agrawal Online Classes & Covid -19: Experiences Of Remote Learning From The Perspective Of Students And Educators 2021 Kanpur Philosophers Ugc Care Listed ISSN No.-2348-8301
10 Dr. Lambodar Saha To Study Of Employee Morale Level During Covid-19 Pandemic Situation At RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd. Pune 2021 The Journal of Oriental Research Madras (print only) Journal ISSN 0022-3301
11 Dr. Lambodar Saha A Study On E-Leadership Trends In 21st Century In Corporate Sector 2021 The International Research Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities ISSN- 2320 - 4702
12 Dr. Lambodar Saha Study On Analysing The Level Of Job Satisfaction Of Employee Of Nationalised Banks In Pune Region 2021 The International Research Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities ISSN- 2320 - 4702
13 Dr. Lambodar Saha Strategic Human Resource Management (Book) 2020 Thakur Publications
14 Dr. Lambodar Saha A Study Of Transformational Leadership And Organisational Effectiveness In Corporate Sector, In Pune Region 2020 Studies In Indian Place Name ISSN- 0971-1260
15 Dr. Lambodar Saha Organisational Behaviour (Revised Edition) (Book) 2019 Thakur Publications
16 Dr. Swati Yeole Eat Me If You Can—---A Case Study On Zomato 2019 Case Study Presented And Awarded At "Evolve"
17 Dr. Lambodar Saha Strategic Material Purchasing Practices Of Kirloskar Brother Limited, Pune 2019 Yashomanthan 2019 (A Peer Review Multidisciplinary Research Journal) ISSN- 2347-8039
18 Ms. Sandra Cruz A Study On Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Ready To Eat Food Industry 2019 Lexipedia - A Journal With Research Insight ISSN : 2321 - 6964
19 Ms. Sandra Cruz Comparative Analysis Of Public Sector And Private Sector Bank 2019 Lexipedia - A Journal With Research Insight ISSN : 2321 - 6964
20 Dr. Lambodar Saha A Study On Potential Enhancement & Reward Scheme (Pers) Of Tata Motors, Pune. 2019 International Journal Of Advance And Innovative Research ISSN- 2394-7780