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About Superset

Official University Recruitment Platform

  • Cross country experience
  • Wider professional network
  • Updated industry 4.0 course curriculum
  • Distinguished global faculty pool
  • Affordable global experience

    Major Modules / Features Benefits
    Student Application
    Student Profile & Resume Builder Assists student to create detailed portfolio. Automatically generates resume from profile.
    Notice & Notification feeds Personalized information feed via notice board, emails & mobile app notification.
    Interview Experiences Students can view interview experience repository from placed candidates to prepare better.
    Job & Internship Application Students can apply for position via web & mobile app.
    College Application
    Student Data Mapping Manage & Extract student data & resume with complex eligibility criteria in custom formats.
    Corporate Relations Management Send company invitations, log & track corporate outreach progress, manage corporate relations.
    Manage multiple cycles & job Profiles Manage campus placements, Internship, career fairs etc. with placement rules enforced. Also allows you to manage / track live job application & shortlists.
    Live Dashboard & Campus Drive Analysis Have all the important statistics at your fingertips, get weekly placements metric report to retrospect & plan, view each student's individual application history.
    Faster Communication Create targeted notification, manage student's queries via comments & discussion boards. Communicate with your employee.
    Collaboration Controlled access to faculty, staff and administration.
    Employer App
    Post Opening Recruiters can connect with you & manage process online.
    Application Tracking & Management Recruiters can track live student application. Tools to view profiles. Filters on skills, screen candidates.
    Manage recruitment Process Allows your recruiters to communicate with your students. Publish shortlists & roll out offers.