Specializations Offered by Lexicon MILE-Top MBA College

List of specialisations offered

  1. Marketing & Finance
  2. Research and Business Analytics
  3. Marketing, Finance & Human Resource

Additionally students can choose any one of the Electives from list below:

  1. Marketing
  2. Research and Business Analytics
  3. Human Resource
  4. Finance

Additional Certifications

Supply Chain Management

Effective Supply Chain meets customer service requirements at the operational cost. It is the life line of any business activity. Supply Chain disruptions featured strongly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Certificate gives you an insight of SCM.

German Language

Language connects & brings people closer. It is amongst the ten most popular languages in the world. It is useful for further studies or working abroad. The certification is divided in to basics followed by advanced German language.

Digital Marketing

Any Digital marketing activity helps reach out to wider audiences. Hence, it is involved in scaling up of business operations. Fundamental of Digital Marketing covers Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

MS Office

This certification focuses on mastering Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Employers rate MS Office skill proficiency highly from potential recruits.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a way of thinking, an attitude of curiosity, learning, and respect for others. It is the practice of understanding how they think, feel, behave, and what results they produce. NLP comes from three different disciplines, all of which are used and explored throughout this NLP certification.

Personal Branding and Etiquettes

If you want to promote yourself as a personal brand, this course is for you. It makes no difference whether you are a one-man show, an entrepreneur, or an employee. You will learn how to strengthen your personal brand to increase your market visibility or land a more rewarding job

Fundamentals of Project Management

This course fulfils the need for a combination of skills, knowledge, methods, and experience of different project management frameworks to achieve its concrete objectives.


Working with Tableau isn't just lucrative - it's fun! And unlike most data analysis tools, Tableau uses a drag-and-drop interface, so you don't need to be a programmer to learn Tableau. If you can learn Excel, you can learn Tableau.


Discover the ideology of entrepreneurship, frameworks for social entrepreneurship, and how to develop an innovation culture to help your business remain ahead of the competition. Take advantage of a highly engaging learning experience that includes real-world projects and expert guidance.

Based on your Specialisation choose any one

Financial Risk Management

This Certificate is intended for students who want to further their careers as Financial Risk Managers (FRM) in banks, FinTech organisations, and other financial institutions. The curriculum provides a thorough grasp of applied financial risk management ideas as well as the fundamental skills required to identify and manage risks utilising a variety of hands-on methodologies and tools.


Industrial Disputes

Seeking work in the capacity of an arbitrator, planning to act in representing parties, or simply interested in the field of Industrial Disputes? Ensure you have the relevant skills and knowledge but also the ability to apply this in practice.


Marketing 5.0 Tools and Techniques

The program is designed to help you master skills such as understanding the key fundamentals of marketing as well as essential digital marketing skills like organic marketing, paid marketing, marketing analytics, and more. This program will help you understand how tools and techniques play an important role in marketing analytics.