List of specialisations offered

  1. Marketing
  2. Research and Business Analytics
  3. Human Resource
  4. Finance
  5. Digital Empowered learning journey.

Additionally students can choose any one of the Electives from list below:

  1. Marketing
  2. Research and Business Analytics
  3. Human Resource
  4. Finance

Additional Certifications

Supply Chain Management

Effective Supply Chain meets customer service requirements at the operational cost. It is the life line of any business activity. Supply Chain disruptions featured strongly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Certificate gives you an insight of SCM.

Golf Basics

The importance of ‘Play the Game’ & networking are obvious. This certificate gives an understanding of the basic elements of Golf. ject expert guidance.

German Language

Language connects & brings people closer. It is amongst the ten most popular languages in the world. It is useful for further studies or working abroad. The certification is divided in to basics followed by advanced German language.

Digital Marketing

Any Digital marketing activity helps reach out to wider audiences. Hence, it is involved in scaling up of business operations. Fundamental of Digital Marketing covers Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

MS Office

This certification focuses on mastering Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Employers rate MS Office skill proficiency highly from potential recruits.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a way of thinking, an attitude of curiosity, learning, and respect for others. It is the practice of understanding how they think, feel, behave, and what results they produce. NLP comes from three different disciplines, all of which are used and explored throughout this NLP certification.

Personal Branding

If you want to promote yourself as a personal brand, this course is for you. It makes no difference whether you are a one-man show, an entrepreneur, or an employee. You will learn how to strengthen your personal brand to increase your market visibility or land a more rewarding job.

Fundamentals of Project Management

This course fulfils the need for a combination of skills, knowledge, methods, and experience of different project management frameworks to achieve its concrete objectives.

Conflict Resolution

Maintaining positive relationships with clients and others requires a thorough understanding of conflicting ideas and how to manage and resolve it. This course will teach you how to understand, control, and manage difficult situations as well as how to deal with conflicts effectively.

Basics of Portfolio Management & Crypto Currency Trader Certificate

This course combines the basics of portfolio management with comprehensive crypto currency trader learning. It serves as a road map for your personal and technical/financial cryptocurrency success. This course includes all of the tools you need to be successful with cryptocurrencies and portfolio management.

LinkedIn Learning

Institute has provided complete access to LinkedIn Learning to get certified in areas of their interest and at their own pace.